Minority-Owned Business CT Certification

Sound is pleased to announce that we have received our Minority-Owned Business CT Certification!
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What is a Minority-Owned Business?
“The Supplier Diversity Program, also known as the Set-Aside Program (“Program”), assists Connecticut Small And Minority Businesses (SBE/MBE) to identify business opportunities for improved economic growth. The Program is also charged with establishing and administering the process for certification of Connecticut SBE/MBE companies.”

Why does this matter?
“All executive branch State agencies with a budget of more than $10,000 are required to make a good faith effort to set aside 25% of their purchases for certified small or minority business enterprises.”

“Companies that source Minority-Owned Businesses or suppliers often see the benefits of these symbiotic relationships come in the form of both state and federal tax breaks and incentives. There are numerous programs on both a federal level and state level that offer tax incentives for business that procure certified MBEs.”

Small- Minority- or Women-Owned Business Directory

“MBE Certification And How It Sets You Apart.” Cloud-Based Supplier Management Solutions | ConnXus, connxus.com/dbe-certification/minority-business-enterprise/.

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